Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
Dec 22 2010

Unstable —In December, I made this private. I felt shame. Today, it is public record, and I stand proud. –


it falls apart.

and you keep asking yourself “what’s wrong with me?”

when people comment about your former life, the one before you were a teacher, you get upset.

when you think about your former life, and the happiness therein, you get upset.

and you feel tricked. played.

nobody ever told me it would be this hard.

so the next person who asks me, “should I do TFA?”

i will do my damndest to psyche you out.

if i succeed, pay me.

if i do not succeed, you might, but there are no guarantees, except for the instability.

like a table with 3 legs

or a spoon on the end of your nose

or oprah’s weight

like the stock market

always changing.

like the roster

or your administration

or your colleagues

different every day.

like your mood

or your management plan


like the tears that well in a teacher’s eyes.


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